Our Team

Bronwyn W. Williams, Ph.D.

Research Curator, Non-molluscan Invertebrates

…crayfishes, branchiobdellidans, and entocytherids, living together…mass hysteria! I am interested in understanding the evolutionary patterns and processes that have shaped the diversity of each of these three groups of organisms independently as well as in a community context, e.g., the evolution of the symbiosis. I use an integrative research approach, applying and merging tools and concepts from across several disciplines, including taxonomy, population genetics, phylogeography, and ecology.

Megan excitedly holds a giant isopod

Megan I. McCuller

Collections Manager, Non-molluscan Invertebrates

My focus is on systematics and diversity of the Bryozoa (moss animals) with a broad interest in marine invertebrates, invasive species, and historical ecology. I use recent and historical collections to learn more about bryozoan diversity (“bryodiversity”), primarily in the Northwest Atlantic, but I have also worked on projects based in various parts of the Pacific, including Hawaii, the Galapagos Islands, and Japan.

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Pam Forshey


Pam is keenly interested in the seen and unseen natural world. As a volunteer for the NMI Unit, she is actively involved with the collection, fieldwork, and outreach. Pam’s goal – in part driven by her background as a teacher – is to never stop learning!

Greg Skupien

Curator of the Naturalist Center

As Curator of the Naturalist Center, Greg is responsible for maintaining a diverse collection of more than 20,000 specimens in a facility that serves as a “front of the house” public-friendly view into the Museum’s “back of the house” collections. Greg is a primary collaborator on our 1001 Jars Initiative, and does a phenomenal job integrating our 3D models, photos, and (sometimes) wild and crazy ideas into the Naturalist Center’s educational programming and activities.

Cindy Lincoln, Ph.D.

Coordinator (Head) of the Naturalist Center

Cindy joined the Museum in 2013. She has a Ph.D. in Plant Sciences & Genetics from Indiana University and, in an earlier career, spent over 15 years as a research scientist and instructor at several universities including Duke where she created and managed an undergraduate biology teaching laboratory. As a North Carolina Certified Environmental Educator, Cindy worked at the Walnut Creek Wetland Center and Annie Wilkinson Nature Preserve in Raleigh, NC. In addition to managing the Naturalist Center, and trying to rein in some members of the NMI Unit (we won’t say who), Cindy contributes to Museum-wide programming and assists with speaker series such as Science Café, Science Saturdays and Lunchtime Discovery.

  • Noelia Rodriguez – intern
  • Mack Whiting – volunteer
  • Arshi Mahajan – volunteer
  • Greg Myers – M.S. student

Former Lab Members

2015-16Janice Edwards
2015-16Sheree Worrell
2016Keri Gillfillan (née Shelton)
2016Missy Hahn
2016Zachary Dillard
2016-17Melyssa Minto
2016-17Joanna Cox
2016-17Raquel Fischer
2018, 2019-21Emmy Delekta
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